Fabric packet 1 of 11 – Lets Make a Different block style with the Tucker Trimmer!

    Ok I am showing a pic below of the supplies I am using for the next block 1 of 11. This is the Ohio Star block and it has many variations of it so choose what you like. I also made several of the rectangle-square units for the quilt to set aside for later.

    Supplies above from left to right. We stock all of these items at PinkysCotton. Just ask!

    Yellow flower head Quilters pins

    Creative grids ruler

    Sewing gauge

    Best Press

    Piecing machine thread

    Frixon erasable ink pen

    Rotary cutter

    Scissors for fabric trimming only

    Tucker Trimmer 1*



    QST Step-by-Step Instructions-

    Add 1 1/4″ to the actual size of block desired. If you want a 3″finished block, 3″+ 1 1/4″ = 4 1/4″ cut square size

    Mark and Sew. Draw 2 diagonal lines on wrong sides of the lighter color square.

    Place the newly marked square on top of the other color square.

    Using your 1/4″ Piecing foot or whatever helps you sew on that line you just drew, sew a 1/4″ seam. Check it to be sure it is a 1/4″ seam.

    Keep adding more pieces to sew to your “chain” of blocks! 

    When one side of your stitching is complete, turn it around and sew the other seams. 

    Once complete trim all of your patchwork blocks apart from each other.

    Press the blocks to set the seam.

    Trim the blocks between the seams right in your line. 

    Open and iron pressing the fabric toward the darker fabric.

    Place 2 of your now Half Square Triangles (HST) Right sides together making sure the seams nest! This will make perfect seams. It takes a lot of practice to learn that. Draw another diagonal line corner to corner and sew a 1/4″ seam to the left and right.D

    Now that you have your QST units sewn you can cut them apart too. Set the seam and press to  . F.   the darker fabric. Now some Tucker Trimmer magic!! 

    • Use the markings for a 3″ square or 3″ dotted lines on the tool. Trim the excess fabric from the block by using them. 
    • Trim on the right at 3 o’clock and then spin the ruler around to trim each side. Please be sure to align the Special trim line before cutting!